Q. Why us?


With us, you simply cannot lose. All games you can possibly receive actually cost more than what you paid for. Not only do you make your money back 100% of the time, we also picked out the games you are most likely to enjoy (highest rating/newly released)
Low prices. In a situation of financial competition, we are capable of lowering the prices to match customer expectations.
Easy to use interface. The design of our website is clear and understandable, allowing you to shop with comfort and confidence.
Friendly and competent technical support. We hire people who are able to help our customers in a fast and efficient manner.
A big variety of games and more. You will always find what you are looking for on our website. However if you do not, you can address us with a suggestion. We will consider it and try our best to make it available to our clients in the nearest future. We will be updating the stock every few months.

Q. Which payment methods can I use to make purchases?

A. We accept more than 100 payment methods. More information can be found on the purchase page.


Q. I want my money back, are refunds possible?

A. Yes, if you can provide a valuable reason for a refund (blocked product), and if we are not in possession of a similar product.


Q. How can I secure a purchased key?

A. The key you have purchased is fully secured, you are the only person to know the symbols. Additional information on specific products can be found in the product description.


Q. What kind of warranties do you offer for the keys?

A. Our keys come with lifetime warranties. If in any case you have any problems with a key purchased on our website, please contact customer support


Q. I have found a random key on your website, what does that mean?

A. A random key is a chance for you to test your luck and receive an expensive game for much cheaper. You have the chance of receiving AAA title games, starting at $49.99. Most often however, you receive games around $5.99, which still allows you to save a decent amount of money.

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